Caring and creative wordsmith

Alejandra (9117)

Have you met anyone like Alejandra? She’s so thoughtful, and is also very creative! Alejandra is a wordsmith, and enjoys writing and expressing herself through art. In fact, her artistic ability is Alejandra’s favorite thing about herself. (She’ll tell you that her least favorite subject is English, but don’t be fooled – Alejandra has a way with words, and is quite expressive!)  

Teachers really enjoy having Alejandra as a student. She works hard, and supports her peers in class. But wherever Alejandra goes, she likes to help and wants feel like she contributes and supports others. At the moment, she’s staying positive waiting for an adoptive family…perhaps one that will want to travel the world with her! She enjoys staying busy, and wants to try her hands (and feet) at softball and soccer…so an active family would be ideal.

Give Alejandra 3 wishes, and she knows just how she would use them. She would want to meet her favorite band (currently, Machine Gun Kelly). She would want to learn how to draw things that are currently hard for her. And she’d love to learn how to paint. Give her a couple more wishes, and she’d ask for a pet panda, and a chance to explore the United Kingdom. (Don’t worry – the panda wouldn’t have to travel with her!)

Alejandra would do well in a single- or two-parent home, provided at least one of the parents is female. If there are other children in the home, it would be best if they are older; she would also do well as an only child. Alejandra’s adoptive family will need to demonstrate a calm, balanced parenting approach that includes patience and understanding.

Alejandra does well with structure and consistency, and is most responsive to adults who can maintain their composure and calm in times of stress. It will be important for a family to allow Alejandra to transition slowly into this new environment, so that she can build trust on her timeline. Parents will need to demonstrate a commitment to Alejandra, and should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Bartholomew County

Birthday: April 2005

Child ID: 9117

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