Looking for a place to belong

Albert (8609)

Albert is a caring, independent teen who loves to stay active. Lately he’s become interested in robotics, and hopes to join a STEM club where he can foster his love of engineering. Being part of clubs and extracurricular groups helps Albert develop a sense of belonging and connectedness — and if he can get some energy out, the more activities the better! Riding his bike, drawing, playing football or basketball — it’s all fun to Albert! 

He’s a huge Marvel comics fan, but his second favorite is definitely the Star Wars universe. Albert is very creative and he loves putting together LEGO sets. He hopes to use these engineering skills to get into a good college someday and follow his dreams.

He adores dogs, and may enjoy volunteering at an animal shelter. (Albert also wants his own dog, and knows he’d be great at caring for it!) Though shy when meeting new people, once he’s comfortable, Albert’s kind and curious nature shines. He has a big smile and a personality to match! Albert works hard to do the right thing, and appreciates when that effort is noticed. 

Albert would do well in a two-parent household, or a single-parent family with support. It would be best if there are no more than two other children in the home, so that parents are able to dedicate attention to Albert. He has said that he would like a family with a mother and father and younger siblings. Routine and consistency are key for Albert.

Albert will need patience with a transition into a pre-adoptive home. Parents should be nurturing and committed, with a strong understanding of how attachments are formed and the effort involved. It may take Albert some time to develop trust with a family, and he may seek to push boundaries to test how committed the parents are. Parents will need to be able to model responsible behavior and offer guidance as well as affection. Interested families must be knowledgeable in trauma-informed parenting, and willing to advocate and support any of Albert’s current or future medical or emotional needs.



Lake County

Birthday: June 2008

Child ID: 8609

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