Pokemon, LEGOs, and the Chicago Bulls

Alan (6056)

16-year-old Alan describes himself as funny and artistic. He hopes to have a nice, caring family that travels. For fun, Alan enjoys LEGOs and Pokémon. Alan’s favorite Pokémon is Charazard, and he likes to play with trading cards and virtual games. Alan wants to be an inventor or a video game designer when he grows up. He loves dogs of all sizes, and if he had his own dog, he would name it “Coco.”

He is very good at building things. He likes to build space ships out of LEGOs! He would like to visit LEGOLand in Chicago someday. His second dream destination would be Japan. Alan plays basketball, and he wants to be on a team someday. His favorite NBA team is the Chicago Bulls. In school, Alan enjoys art, science, and gym. Alan is an easy-going kid whose smile will brighten your day! (6056SG) Marion County

Alan's Family

  • Alan needs a loving, patient family that can nurture and support him to help him reach his fullest potential.
  • Will need a lot of one-on-one attention and his family will need to be willing to take plenty of time for him to adjust to change.
  • Does best with structure and routine.
  • It would be best for him to be an only child.
  • Alan wants a family that is nice and caring, as well as active and involved in the community.

Marion County

Birthday: 6/18/03

Child ID: 6056

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