A big smile that lights up a room

Akiemah (8871B)

Akiemah has big smile that lights up a room! She’s a likeable kid with a good sense of humor – and she loves a good “dad joke!”

She likes to stay active, preferring to ride her bike, rollerblade or play basketball. The more active she can be, the better! Music is very important to Akiemah – if she could, she’d have the radio on all day…and probably singing along! Don’t ask her to name a favorite song – she loves anything she can be-bop along to.

Akiemah would do well in either a one or two-parent home, with at least one parent being female. Akiemah will need to be the only or youngest child in the home. Consistency will be important when it comes to new routines, and parents will have to be persistent about building up a level of trust with Akiemah. In a family that is calm, understanding, and creates structure, she can thrive.

What Akiemah Loves


  • Singing along to music
  • “Dad jokes”
  • Staying active

Akiemah's Strengths


  • Loves adventure
  • Likes to make people laugh
  • Always has a smile

Akiemah's Family


  • At least one female parent
  • Parents will have to be understand and persistent about building trust with Akiemah

Monroe County

Birthday: January 2009

Child ID: 8871B

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