A big smile that lights up a room

Akiemah (8871B)

Akiemah is a little girl with a smile that lights up a room! This 10 year old likes to stay active, preferring to ride her bike or play basketball. If she has the chance, she also likes to take out her roller blades to see what kind of adventure she can find. Akiemah enjoys playing card and board games, or Barbies with her friends. Music is very important to her – she would have the radio on all day if possible! You can usually find her singing along to pop songs or making up her own! What she wants you to know is, she’s “funny, can make people laugh,” she’s a great dancer, and she can “do a lot of math.”

Akiemah would do well in either a one- or two-parent home, preferably with at least one parent being female. She will need to be the only child in the home, or at least the youngest child by several years. Consistency will be very important when it comes to her new routines. Parents will need to understand the impact trauma can have on a child. (8871BDD) Monroe

What Akiemah Loves

  • Singing along to music
  • Dancing
  • Staying active

Akiemah's Strengths

  • Loves adventure
  • Likes to make people laugh
  • Always has a smile

Akiemah's Family

  • She will thrive in an environment that provides structure, calm, and understanding.
  • Parents will have to be persistent about building up trust. 

Monroe County

Birthday: 1/8/09

Child ID: 8871B

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