Enjoys sports, video games, and animals

Aiden (8646A)
“Nice!” That’s how Aiden describes himself. He also likes to help. If you’re with Aiden, you’ll always be safe wherever you go because he’ll be looking out for you.

Aiden is bright, affectionate, and humorous guy who is really into sports and video games. He likes to play football, basketball, and his favorite subject in school is gym. He likes to stay busy, and be involved in different activities. He really wants to join the basketball team at his local YMCA. When he’s out of school he hopes to become a construction worker. Aiden adores animals, and hopes to have a couple of cats and dogs in his adoptive family!

Aiden would do best in a safe, stable, and loving family where the parents will be strong advocate for his emotional and educational needs. He would thrive in a two-parent home where parents provide consistent schedule, structure, and routine. Aiden would benefit from having a strong male role model in the family. Parents must understand the effects trauma can have on children.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: September 2006

Child ID: 8646A

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