Happy-go-lucky guy

Agustin (9218)

Not a care in the world for Agustin! He’s got a happy-go-lucky attitude, and gets along with others well. You’ll be impressed by how friendly and well mannered he is, too. His favorite thing about himself is that he’s funny. He thrives when he’s the center of attention, and can spend the day playing his favorite games.

“I have LOTS of favorite foods.” Agustin has a big appetite! His favorite dishes are tacos, nachos, spaghetti, and lasagna. For fun, Agustin likes to play video games, and write his own stories. Baseball is his favorite sport, so get ready to play catch and cheer him on as he hits a home run! Some things Agustin is good at are Minecraft, building things with Legos, and drawing. He’s got to big goals for when he grows up: to get an A+ and become a race-car driver!

Agustin is very excited about being adopted. He would love to live in the country with a mom, a dad, and siblings. Agustin’s maturity level is closer to that of a child younger than his current age, so he would benefit from an adoptive family that can manage his needs as such. Agustin will need a family to be patient as he transitions into an adoptive home, and come along side him as he overcomes behavioral hurdles. Parents will need to understand how trauma can affect a child.

Fulton County

Birthday: September 2010

Child ID: 9218

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