Outdoorsy and outgoing, with a big imagination

Adrian (9043)

Friendly and chatty, Adrian has a big imagination, lots of energy, and is always up for a good conversation! He’s got a funny story for just about every situation, whether it’s about his favorite animals or favorite vacations. He adores the outdoors: he’d spend all day out in nature if he could, and is especially a fan of camping, fishing, and riding dirt bikes. 

Adrian is eager for an active family to do all these outdoorsy activities with…and would be delighted if the family has a dog that can tag along. (He’d be even more delighted if the family had a pet gorilla, but knows that’s unlikely…so he’ll settle for a dog.) Ask Adrian why he’s partial to the gorilla, and he’ll tell you (of course!) — because it’s strong, and it gets to spend its whole life in the wild!

Adrian would do well in either a single- or two-parent home, and would do best if he is the only child, so he gets lots of attention. He will thrive in a home where patience, understanding, and open communication are the norm. The ideal parents will offer structure and a consistent routine, and plenty of love and support.

Although he’s an active kid, Adrian is also a big fan of reading, and is proud of how well he’s been doing in school. His adoptive family should be able to support his educational endeavors and advocate for Adrian’s needs over time.  Adrian has an older brother with whom he would like to remain in contact; their sibling bond should be encouraged. It is important that a family understands how trauma can affect a child throughout their life.

Lake County

Birthday: December 2011

Child ID: 9043

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