Determined girl with creative streak

Abbeygail (9177)

Abbey is a funny young lady who loves making people laugh! She has a great sense of humor and is happy being the center of attention. She enjoys staying active and wants to try all sorts of different extracurricular activities! Basketball is her favorite sport, and she wants to try out for gymnastics. If you can keep up, Abbey will show you how fast she can run.

She is helpful around the house and always one of the first people to offer help with chores. Abbey is very determined and when she wants something, she’s sure to get it. She has a creative side she expresses through drawing, she’s quite the artist!

Abbey would do best in a two-parent home without other children; if there are other children they should only be older sisters who can set good examples for her. She loves attention so parents who can give her plenty of one-on-one time are ideal. She thrives on consistency and reliability with a set schedule and expectations. Families should be willing to take on any educational needs she may have in the future. Interested parents should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Clark County

Birthday: August 2007

Child ID: 9177

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