Independent and fashion-forward

Aaliyah (8521A)

Aaliyah is a fashion-forward teen who takes pride in her appearance and loves anything to do with fashion. She appreciates when those around her notice that she’s put extra effort into her appearance — it’s a nice confidence boost! When she needs to be centered and calm, Aaliyah will try out a new nail polish and nail design. Aaliyah is an independent and strong young woman who puts a lot of emphasis on family relationships. She likes swimming and has made lots of friends through her involvement at the local community center. Although not always the easiest thing for a teenager, Aaliyah works hard at managing her emotions and reacting to situations in a positive manner. Positive reinforcement of this effort from the adults in her life has encouraged Aaliyah to continue developing healthy coping mechanisms. 

Aaliyah needs a home that offers structure, routine, and predictability. Parents must be accessible and responsive, as this is how Aaliyah will build trust and form bonds. She may need a slow transition into a pre-adoptive home, so parents will need to be patient and understanding about this. She would do well with a two-parent home with parents who can serve as role models for communication and healthy relationships. If a single-parent family is interested, they should have a strong support system. Families should be persistent in advocating for Aaliyah’s educational needs. Potential families should be knowledgeable about trauma-informed care and understand how trauma can affect children throughout their lives.

Marion County

Birthday: November 2005

Child ID: 8521A

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