Always ready to learn something new

"C" (9516)

“C” is very creative and full of energy! She prefers to be up and about doing something fun rather than sitting around watching TV or videos. She’s recently been learning how to swim and ride a bike and is making excellent progress! She loves going to the pool with her friends and splashing around, maybe doing some laps. She’s very artistic and likes to draw whatever she can think up but she’s particularly fond of drawing mermaids! “C” also enjoys coming up with and solving math problems, anything to keep her brain working! She enjoys getting all her Legos together and seeing what cool structures she can build!

“C” would do well in either a single female household or a two-parent household with a mom and dad. She would do best as the only child, but if there are other children they just need to be older by a few years and more independent so she gets plenty of attention and one-on-one time. She loves animals and would appreciate a forever family that came with pets. “C” thrives in structured, consistent environments with clear expectations. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children. 

Howard County

Birthday: 2013

Child ID: 9516

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