Twister-master hoping for a family

"N" (8715)

“N” has a bright and thoughtful personality, and it won’t take you long to recognize his quick wit and good sense of humor! He is caring, loyal, and kind — you’ll notice that as soon as you see “N” around animals. There’s no more caring and gentle pet-lover than “N”! He enjoys a myriad of activities – everything from Twister to hula-hooping to drawing. Some of his favorite things: emojis, jumping rope, and cucumbers. (Just don’t ask him if he likes asparagus or Pop-Tarts — that’s a hard no to both!) He enjoys learning new things and does well in school.

“N” needs a family that will offer him patience, understanding, and lots of unconditional love. His adoptive family should have experience parenting children with a trauma history. It is important that his family be able to provide stability and consistency for “N”, as both contribute to helping him feel secure and safe in his environment. Ideally, “N” would be the only child in a family, where the parents’ time and attention will be devoted to helping him thrive. Like most teenagers, “N” appreciates when he has input into decisions that impact him. He is very invested in having a family to call his own, and wants parents who accept and love him for who he is. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child throughout their life. 

Scott County

Birthday: 2005

Child ID: 8715

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