​It feels like November came and went in a flash, and now we’re already 2 days into December! We celebrated National Adoption Month with over 30 adoption events, and had the distinct honor of seeing over 300 children and youth in Indiana be adopted last month. Our adoption champions around the state worked with CASA, DCS, the courts, and other partners to ensure that each of the events was a celebration of the children who were being adopted, and the families that those children could now call their own. There were faces being painted into tigers and unicorns and superheroes, more balloon animals that you can count, therapy dogs everywhere, and most importantly: SMILES!

Even though the National Adoption Month activities are done for this year, there are still many ways that you can celebrate adoptees and their families throughout the year. Invite them over for dinner. Ask to hear their stories and learn more about the adoption process. Look for ways to get involved in local community organizations that help children and older youth especially. And continue to raise awareness of the incredible need for foster and adoptive parents in Indiana. Even though we got to witness hundreds of adoptions in November, there are thousands more children and youth in Indiana who need homes and the love of a stable, committed family.

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