The following article borrows content and interview material from WNDU’s “Wednesday’s Child” segments, which air weekly on South Bend’s WNDU. Interviews with Alex were conducted and reported on by Tricia Sloma. Alex’s first segment aired on March 11, 2020 with a follow-up “Wednesday’s Child” segment airing on April 21, 2021. These materials are reprinted with permission and gratitude. 

When Alex filmed his first “Wednesday’s Child” segment in Spring 2020, he was 16 and eager to share his story in hopes of finding an adoptive family. Now, a year older, and very aware that soon he’ll be “at the 18 mark,” Alex is still hopeful, but also worries he may never have a forever family.

Lofty goals from an early age

There are some people who have trouble remembering passwords to various computer logins. But there are others, even kids, who are able to grasp some of the most difficult concepts of computer programming.

One such computer expert is Alex, a teen in Indiana’s foster care system who is in need of adoption.

Alex knew he was good with computers at an early age. He learned his first computer skills in kindergarten, when most children are learning their shapes, colors, and ABCs. He fell in love with technology and has never had a passion for anything else.

When we first met Alex, he was very clear on what he wants to do when he grows up. He wants to start a technology business of his own, and even more than that, Alex says, “I really want to make my own operating system.” (How many teens have “building an operating system” on their list of goals?!)

The difference a year makes

Fast forward a year, and Alex has some good news to share.

“I made an operating system. It can run open source software. And it will actually run Windows applications.”

That’s not all. Alex was also able to get an internship as a web designer. Even with daily assignments and goals to meet for his supervisor, Alex says the internship is fun. After all, “you get to play with stuff.”

Even having met his goal of building his own operating system, Alex has other goals – but these he can’t meet on his own. After all, if he could build his own family, just like he builds computer systems, he would have long ago.

13 years is a long time

That’s how long Alex has been in the foster care system. 13 first days of school. 13 birthdays. 13 summer breaks. 13 Christmases. All experienced without the safety, love, and security of a family. And now at 17, Alex is close to aging out of services, meaning, he will no longer be in the state’s care.

Alex hasn’t lost hope, though. He knows there is a family out there for him. And he really wants to be adopted. “Hopefully, I get adopted this year, because this year is my last. I’m at the 18 mark.” Alex needs adoptive parents who are patient and supportive, and who appreciate his self-described goofiness and fascination with computers. He would love a family that wants to do “all these cool things,” like school activities, family get-togethers, turkey hunting, and yes, tinkering with computers. 

Adoption is the life upgrade Alex needs to support his next important steps into young adulthood.

Every child, regardless of age, needs a loving, committed, safe, and permanent family. Indiana Adoption Program welcomes responsible, caring adults who are ready to share their time, their hearts, and their lives with Indiana’s waiting children. We encourage you to learn more about Alex and inquire about him through his profile page.

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