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Indiana Adoption Program (IAP) is an initiative to match children in foster care with adoptive homes. IAP is a partnership between Indiana Department of Child Services and Children's Bureau, Inc., and is sometimes internally called "Adoption Recruitment Services."To be eligible for Adoption Recruitment Services, children must have a plan of adoption. Details are available on the adoption page of the state's website.

Adoption Recruitment differs depending on a child's legal status.

For children who are Legally Free (TPR has occurred), the public will be able to view their profiles and inquire on the children here.

For children with TPR Pending (TPR has not yet occurred, or TPR has been appealed), Recommended families will be able to view their profiles, Child Summaries, and inquire on the children through the online parent portal. If TPR is pending for a child, prospective families will need to have an active foster care license, or be willing to become licensed.


You will be contacted if a Recommended family would like to be considered as a placement.

Once the team knows which families would like to be considered as a placement, the FCM and Adoption Liaison can begin scheduling interviews.

Adoption Recruitment Services include:

  • Indiana Adoption Program media (photos/videos/written bios/profiles)

  • A link to your child's profile in Indiana Adoption Program's photo listing on (if a child is Legally Free for adoption)

  • A feature in Indiana Adoption Program's Picture Book (if a child is Legally Free for adoption)

  • A profile for your Adoption Liaison to share with Recommended families (if TPR is pending for the child)

  • Communication regarding inquiries from prospective families

  • Invitations for your child to attend adoption Meet & Greet events

  • Child Summaries

  • Indiana Adoption Program Adoption Liaison services


To refer a child to receive Adoption Recruitment Services, please:

Complete a KidTraks referral under Services for Children - Adoption Recruitment.

The following forms must be completed, and uploaded to KidTracks in order for the referral to be accepted: 

  1. Child Registration for Adoption Recruitment (State Form 11840)

  2. Informed Consent Form (required for children over the age of 14)

  3. Child Summary: 

    • If you are not referring for a Child Summary, please upload a redacted PDF version of the Child Summary.

    • If you are requesting a Child Summary and TPR is pending on the child's case, please include:

Ensure that the child's placement is aware that Adoption Recruitment Services are being initiated. The Child Summary session and the media session are facilitated by two separate teams, so please ensure that the placement knows what you have requested and which team(s) will be reaching out to them.

For detailed instructions on how to complete the Adoption Recruitment referral, please click here. If you have any questions, please contact your local DCS Adoption Liaison or e-mail

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